Google Docs service

I am not sure this maybe too late news or not but I have just found Google documents service from my gmail page. You can see this service link in your gmail page. Then just click it.

They will ask you to sign in with your existing gmail account or sign up if you don’t have one.

After signed in, they will let you choose to create new document or new spreadsheet and also upload your office files on to your account. Moreover, you can search your documents

First, I will try with new documents. There are many menu tab

  • File : This tab have some features similar to what we have seen in MS words or OpenOffice.
  • Edit : The workspace that let you write what you desire.
  • Insert : This tab let you insert objects to your document including image, external link and etc. Importantly, in this tab there is a feature calls "collaborate", which offers you the sharing service. You can share your documents or spreadsheets and let someone in your collaborate list editing them.
  • and Revisions : After you share and let your team edit your stuffs, you can compare each revision of them…Wow, I think it’s quite cool…

OK, it is the time to publishing…… You can choose to publish it to internet and let someone view it from URL that Google gives you or publish to your blog.

Then, you will got document’s URL. You can re-publish or stop publish them.

Now, let’s try with new stylesheets. It also comes with menu tab similar to what we have seen in new documents.

  • File : Manage about save, open, import and copy
  • Edit : Your workspace. Here you can add worksheet.
  • Sort : You can sort your data in the way you do in your spreadsheet software.
  • Formula : This tab let you insert several types of calculation formula.
  • and Revisions : The same function as in New Documents service.

Like above service, you just publish them and choose the way they will be published.

Moreover, you can choose to upload your files on or email your documents in and they will be converted automatically.

At main page, you can choose to tag/untag or star/unstar as in Gmail.

This service will help you do things easier…Just PC with internet connection and you can do office works. For further features, I suggest you to try and get the real feelin’


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