First Touch – Zyxel Phone

This gadget from Taiwanese Manufacturer, Zyxel. VOIP WiFi Phone model P-2000W_V2, it uses SIP protocol to establish the voice over internet protocol (VOIP) service. You can see the official datasheet here and user’s manual here.

I have a chance to play with it few days and here are some feeling that I have got.


1) The phone size is quite slim and sure you can grab it easily. You can see its size compare to AA battery.


2) The WiFi signal strength when unplugged power adapter is not quite strong, this may sometime causes connection lost.

3) In the WiFi security, you can use WEP security only.

4) This image will show when phone is trying to synchrozie the WiFi network and after it can registered with SIP server.


You can configure via

5) Button

6) or Web-based graphic user interface (GUI).

To enter web-based GUI, you just open url in web browser as http://<Phone’s IP address> with
username: zyxeladmin and
password: 1234

Here are the menu that you will see
– Information
– Network
– NAT Transversal
– Phone
– Phone Book
– Wireless
– System
– Software upgrade

Notes: The codec that we can use is just only G.729 (8k) and G.711 (64k) only.


7) This phone package includes of

– WiFi Phone with power adapter
– User’s manual CD
– User’s manual


This gadget is quite convenience for mobile using, especially when your location has widely spread of WiFi network. Big telecom carriers in Thailand start to provide VOIP service, so this kind of gadget may grow up in business user group in few years.

One thought on “First Touch – Zyxel Phone

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    ที่สามารถพกไปใช้ ตปท ได้ และไม่แพง ไม่ยุ่งยากน่ะครับ มีไหมอะ

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